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Have You Seen This? Cardists incredible floating cards
No Caption - photo by Martha Ostergar
FLOATINGTON Without preamble, I can virtually guarantee that this video from cardist Zach Mueller will make you pause and say whoa.

To fully understand this video, we must first understand the practice of cardistry. The best definition I found was on Reddit, which described cardistry as the art of creating fascinating motions and formations with a deck of playing cards.

Just think of your favorite street performer from So You Think You Can Dance doing crazy-specific and minute moves with just their hands (or hand illusions, as the kids say), then add the handling of playing cards into the mix.

Its not exactly traditional magic card tricks, and its not exactly dance. Its cardistry.

Los Angeles resident Mueller has these sweet, sweet cardistry skills, and in this video he uses those skills to make cards appear to float or stay in one place as his hands crawl around the cards. Its a fascinating and awe-inspiring practice, and its more than worth a 1.5 minutes of your time. But I suspect you will watch it more than once.

Mueller has his own card company called Fontaine, selling the type of cards he likes to use as a cardist. He also has a demo and a beginner tutorial video if you wish to learn more about how to be a cardist.