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Have You Seen This? Dad saves day at daughters dance recital
Have You Seen This? Dad saves day at daughters dance recital. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
THE STAGE Look, being a ballerina is hard.

When I was a kid, probably about 5 or 6 years old, I took ballet classes over the summer with my friends. I wasn't very good, none of us were, but that wasn't the point. We had a lot of fun and we had really great outfits.

One year, in particular, I remember being super excited about our upcoming recital. I had the routine memorized and went around my house performing it for my family members during all my free time. And the best part was that our costumes included sparkly wands with stars on the end, cool headbands and iridescent wristbands. That was like peak coolness for 6-year-olds in the '90s.

The day of the recital came, and I was excited all morning as I got ready curling my bangs, putting on my lipgloss, doing my plis. But then, as I arrived at the middle school auditorium where the performance would take place, the nerves set in. I sat in the audience watching the other classes perform their routines flawlessly (important to note that this was not a competition and really nothing was on the line here), and I felt more intimidated by the minute. Then, it was our turn.

I took the stage with my sparkly headband clad BFFs, watched as our teacher signaled for us to begin, started to perform the routine and then... I froze. I just zoned out. I think I was daydreaming and got distracted. Either way, I just stood there with a glazed expression on my face for about half the routine while all the other little 6-year-olds twirled their hearts out around me. It was not my best moment.

Fortunately, that experience has blessed me with a great deal of empathy for people who can't perform in front of crowds, and so I absolutely love this video.

The video comes from a dance recital where a group of adorable little girls were performing, but one little ballerina was not thrilled to be a part of the performance. As the group walks out on stage, you can hear her crying, and then she just sits down on the stage, unwilling to participate. Relatable, I know.

But then, in an unexpected turn of events, the girl's dad runs out on stage with another child still in his arms and starts performing the dance routine with the girls. He's not clad in a tutu and fairy wings like the rest of the dancers, but that doesn't stop him from giving it his all. The girl seems much happier now that dad is with her, and the two finish the routine together as the crowd laughs and cheers.

The video is adorable and sweet, and if you've ever been nervous for a performance and just wanted a friendly face alongside you, you'll definitely love it.