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Have You Seen This? Dad still dad when asleep
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DADDINGTON It's hard to envy brand new parents.

Sure, they have a potentially sweet-smelling new baby, but they're also generally sleep deprived as they deal with piles of diapers, endless dirty clothes and needy cries.

I'm sure new parents often feel like they're sleepwalking as they do what needs to be done to care for their bundle of joy as well as all their other responsibilities. But sometimes a parent may be truly and well alseep, so instinct and muscle memory totally take over.

In this video, a new dad is asleep in a recliner when his baby starts crying. Thats all it takes for dads hands to move in gestures of comfort even though there is no baby in his arms to comfort. One hand supports an invisible babys bottom, while the other gently pats babys non existent back.

This scene is just about the sweetest, most charming yet hilarious thing youll see in an internet video today. Its great to see dads who do their part, even if its to zero effect while they are asleep.

Bless his supremely tired dad heart!