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Have You Seen This? Disney dance party mash-up
If you think youve seen all there is to see in Disney animated movie mash-ups, think again. This video definitely raises the Disney homage bar. - photo by Martha Ostergar
BURBANK Disney animated movie mash-ups are certainly a dime a dozen, but that doesnt mean that people should ever stop making them. Ever.

What makes the dozens and dozens of mash-ups all universally likable is that so many of us were influenced, shaped and entertained by Disney animated movies since birth. More often than not, these mash-ups offer something new from a different perspective or different video-making skill set, which is why this video is 100 percent worth a watch.

YouTube user Lindsay McCutcheon posted the video on Friday. It features almost every Disney release since 1989, according to the video description. But thats not what makes this video remarkable.

What makes the video remarkable is how its edited together. The edits are fast and seamless with characters blending in and out of each others movies. Plus, were not just talking one or two awesome edits here. The scene changes happen sometimes as quickly as every two to three measures of music in this 3.5-minute video. The results are delightfully kaleidoscope-esque and a visual feast.

On top of the technical skill, the scene choices McCucheon puts together are clever, making the mash-up all that much more entertaining. For example, at times the cuts make it look like different characters are singing the song used in the video, and she often groups like themes from different movies to add more visual wonder.

Basically, this video is a magical must-watch.