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Have You Seen This? Egg-cellent cooking skills
Don't worry about the bad pun in the headline, just worry about a chef juggling an egg with a metal spatula. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE KITCHEN Some people have incredible hand-eye coordination that results in impressive physical skills, and some people trip over their own feet all day, every day.

Personally, I belong in the latter group. This video definitely fits in the former, which is probably why I find it so hypnotic.

It has taken me decades to accept that I will never be in that seemingly special class of people who can control their bodies with such precision that everything they do seems effortless and graceful. So this video makes me only about 4 percent jealous, which leaves 96 percent of me to be impressed.

In the video, a chef at one of those cook-food-at-your-table restaurants (aka teppanyaki) shows that he's the master of all things egg.

He juggles a single egg with such precision that he can stop it still on his metal spatula like it was no big deal. But it is a big deal. Right when you think you can't be more impressed, he slices that egg on the edge of his spatula and uses it to drizzle a pattern on the cooktop, never touching the egg once.

I admit, I have not been to a teppanyaki in over a decade, so maybe this is standard fare these days. But even if it is, I will always be impressed with this egg-cellent performance. (Not sorry for the bad pun.)