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Have You Seen This? Extreme paper shredding for adrenaline junkies
When youre angry or frustrated, but you also need to shred sensitive documents, its time to soup up the motor in your paper shredder. - photo by Martha Ostergar
NOT OFFICEMAX Feeding paper into a shredder one sheet at a time might give you a wee thrill for approximately 45 seconds, but as many interns will tell you, it quickly becomes tedious.

Well, it becomes tedious unless you are a motor expert and decide to replace your paper shredder motor with a 44,400 RPM brushless motor.

A toy shop (yes a toy shop) in Denmark called, that specializes in remote controlled cars, helicopters and boats, decided to do just that. And they blessed us all by putting it on the internet.

Trust me, its anything but boring.

In the video, youll see a man named Tommy take apart and rebuild a shredder with plenty of verve and enthusiasm. The build in and of itself is impressive. But then Tommy starts feeding paper through.

Its hard to describe the speed, but if you blink, you will miss it.

The best way to describe it may be to compare the paper to a victim in a horror movie. One second a person is there, and the next second theyve been pulled into the villains lair without a single scream.

The good people at made the super shredder in response to a new privacy law out of the European Union that has recently disrupted the internet worldwide. If youre sick of hearing the phrase GDPR compliant or seeing privacy policy update pop-ups, youll understand exactly what drove to test the therapeutic value of extreme shredding.

Please do not try this at home.