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Have You Seen This? Flying proposal surprise
A couple takes to the skies for a picturesque flight, but the pilot has a little more than sightseeing in mind. - photo by Martha Ostergar
UP IN THE AIR Once upon a time, there was a couple who went for a picturesque flight in a small plane.

But this wasnt just any couple on any flight Anthony and Catherine were in love.

The thing about love, boys and girls, is that sometimes it makes people want to get married, and it was on this fated flight that Anthony decided to formally propose to Catherine.

Sometimes when people offer a proposal of marriage they want it to be memorable in some way. Some proposers are all about a big gesture where many people witness or even participate in the proposal, and others want a more intimate setting with no one around.

The hero of this story managed to get the best of both sides of the spectrum. After all, there are not many things that are more intimate than a two-seater plane, and there are not many things that are more public than letting GoPro put the video of your proposal on their YouTube channel. (This is a modern fairy tale, you see.)

In the video, Anthony sets the mood he wants during takeoff ... a mood of slight fear. But he does this not just to scare Catherine (which he obviously enjoys doing). He does this to make sure she has to read the emergency procedures.

For you see, Anthony is a crafty man, and he needed an emergency to get his proposal just right. And even though Catherine says, I hate you, she is almost immediately won over by the proposal. It must be true love.

And now is the time that we tell the couple thank you for the video, and we hope they live happily ever after.