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Have You Seen This? Japanese man attempts to 'defeat' massive fan
The fan has 7500cc, and this Japanese man decides to place himself directly in its path to defeat it using a variety oftechniques. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE WAREHOUSE The Japanese as a whole have a gift for overly cheery and bizarre TV, commercial and video entertainment.

Personally, I sometimes want to hate the high-power energy and seemingly insane optimism that comes from Japanese game shows with unbelievable premises (like Brain Wall, a sort of human tetris game), and commercials that dont relate to the actual product being sold (like this gum commercial with a giant cat.)

But the fact is, I cant hate them. Their wonderful weirdness wins me over every time, almost without fail.

This particular Japanese man, who calls himself the perfect man in the video (according to its own translation), decided to pit himself against a 7500cc (equivalent to about 450 horsepower) industrial fan. Of course the results are ridiculous, and of course theyre supposed to be ridiculous.

First in the video, he simply walks in front of the fan and his body is blown over like a leaf, and then he tries a number of devices to defeat the blast of air coming toward him. From body balloons to umbrellas, this guy is not quite up to the Myth Busters standard of scientific experimentation.

That by itself is entertaining, but the hilarity factor is kicked up a notch with the subtitles hes added. Not only do they translate what hes saying, but there are also translations for the cartoony sound effects hes added. It is golden.

As always, I hope that one day well live in a society where theres enough common sense in the world that I wont have to say, please dont try this at home, but it seems we are not there yet. So please, dear readers and watchers, dont try this at home.