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Have You Seen This? Musical ping-pong master
Just because youre serious about your sport doesnt mean you have to take your sport seriously. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE TABLE Mastering a sport or skill is no joke, but that doesnt mean you cant make it into a joke.

In fact, I would argue that the most compelling sports figures are those who, at the end of the day, dont take their sport or themselves too seriously. Sure they train hard and set all sorts of ambitious goals, but they also like to make fun of themselves or sport just a little bit.

Think of all the athletes whove hosted Saturday Night Live or appeared in a SportsCenter commercial.

Now, I know that some people wouldnt even call ping-pong a sport, and more people might even feel that ping-pong is inherently funny. Especially with the seemingly over-the-top stances, swings and concentration. But thats not why were here today.

Were here today to enjoy a few laughs with and be amazed by ping-pong mater Takkyuu Geinin. In the video, Takkyuu uses all sorts of different objects to get a unique-sounding ball hit. By itself, thats perhaps mildly entertaining. But Takkyuu is a master, so of course he takes it above and beyond.

With every hit, Takkyuu also knocks down a small pin placed on a corner on the opposite side of the table. From frying pans and wine glasses to maracas and Whoopee Cushions, the pin comes down with a well-aimed ping-pong ball every time.

When you think about all the different weights, sizes and textures of each different object, you start to realize how freakish and amazing his mastery of the sport really is.

And if thats not enough to entertain you, he also yells funny things in the video. Theres something for everyone.