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Have You Seen This? Prank revenge is sweet
A husband has a great day pranking his wife with a squeeze horn, but her revenge is better than his whole day of his honks. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE PRAM There are just some people who love pranks and cant help pulling them.

Some are awful and cruel, and some are light and friendly, but almost all of them come at the expense of the person being pranked. Thats why I personally hate pranks (and will probably not forgive you if you ever prank me fair warning), but that didnt stop me from loving this video.

The reason I love it involves sweet, sweet justice.

Its obvious that the husband is no stranger to pranks and that he knows his wife well. At the beginning of the video, he convinces her to put a squeeze horn on their baby stroller, the kind that does a honk on the squeeze and a honk when you let go.

Of course, all he does during what seems like a full day of outings is honk the horn every time she has her back turned or is engaged in an activity. And, of course, she jumps every time.

The more he honks, the angrier she gets, and she even gives him a good telling off at one point. Its a normal reaction for anyone who has a dozen small frights during the day because of one giggling man.

Ah, but then, she is finally behind the buggy and gives the horn a single, delicious honk just as her husband is eating a treat. The treat falls on the ground, and dad appears to be just as angry as mom (if not angrier) after being scared only once. He tosses his wrapper at her in disgust then eats the food off the ground in defiance.

Basically, he can dish it out but he cant take it, and her pealing laughter is sweet, vengeful music to the ears at the end of the video.

I recognize that this video could be staged based on the way he films it, but even if it is, its still a delightful watch for those who have teasing significant others or for those who grew up with brothers.