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Have You Seen This? Skier OK after 1,000-foot fall down Alaskan mountain
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NEACOLA MOUNTAINS One skier took an extended tumble down an Alaskan mountain and escaped with only two jammed fingers and some scattered belongings that came loose from her pack.

In a video recently released by Teton Gravity Research to promote safety, Angel Collinson is shown from a birds-eye view falling 1,000 feet during a ski run in the Neocola Mountain range last spring.

As someone who spent her time skiing in constant fear of that exact situation occurring, its validating to know the worst-case scenario is possible, though luckily, Collinson avoided the worst possible outcome.

During a Defend My Line talk given for TGR, Collinson recalled the fall and prompted others to not take a run if they dont feel 100 percent confident in their physical health and the snow conditions. She also said that when she started to tumble, she protected her head and neck with her arms in order to avoid more serious injury.

The TGR video shows Collinson sitting up almost immediately after the slide and saying, Im OK. Im OK.

Well, Angel may have been OK, but I need to recover from the stress of watching that video.