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Have You Seen This? The most nightmarish way to get rid of a cockroach
If you think cockroaches are bad, wait until you see how this guy gets rid of it. - photo by Angie Treasure

IN YOUR NIGHTMARES I've never lived anywhere that has giant cockroaches.

I've spent the majority of my life in Utah, which doesn't see the kind of roach infestations that people in muggy southern metropolises like New Orleans and Houston experience. I can only imagine how much it would make you itch to turn on a bathroom light and have an exoskeletony, antennaed invader skitter into the unreachable recesses of a room. By the way, I'm pretty sure "skitter" was an onomatopoeic word invented JUST for cockroaches.

So if the idea of that makes your skin crawl, you may not like this video posted by Jason Shivers on YouTube.

A resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, Shivers filmed himself getting rid of an American cockroach in the most bizarre example of lesser-of-two-evils I've ever seen, and I'm not sure I'll ever recover.

Shivers simply captioned the video, "Why I didn't kill our giant bathroom friend," and in the footage, he gently uses a mitted hand to escort a cockroach into the corner of the room's molding where the roach's fate lies in wait. And oh my goodness, am I at a loss for words. Just watch. And schedule an appointment with the pest control guy.

Who else is itchy?