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Have You Seen This? Toddler escapes bedroom with help from golden retrievers
When you're too little to reach your bedroom doorknob, you've got to find some furry partners in crime. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
THE PLAYROOM Remember when you were a kid how you'd wake up before everyone else in the house and you just wanted to start playing right away?

You imagined you'd have the best time ever, all by yourself. You could go wild with your toys, since, after all, everyone was asleep so you wouldn't have to share with anyone. Or maybe you'd even grab a snack before breakfast and no one would be around to complain if you had sticky fingers and made a mess.

But it never seemed to work out that way. Maybe you had to keep quiet so you didn't wake up mom and dad, or maybe you were just too short to reach the doorknob on your bedroom door so you could escape. It always seemed like something prevented you from having the free, wild, playtime fun you dreamed of.

As it turns out, all you needed were a couple partners in crime, as the parents who posted this video found out.

The video was posted to YouTube Sunday with an explanation that mom found her 15-month-old daughter wandering around the house early one morning.

"Seeing as she can't reach the doorknob in her room yet, this was surprising to say the least..." the video description says.

So of course, the parents decided to check out what happened on their Nest camera footage.

The video shows the little toddler lying in her bed when the family's two golden retrievers push the bedroom door open, run over to the bed and lick the toddler's face until she stands up. I'm sure they were thinking something like, "Let's go eat and play, we've got the house to ourselves for at least another hour!"

So the little girl climbs out of bed, pushes her stuffed animal out of the way and runs after her two furry BFFs for some sweet freedom and playtime.

It's a cute video, and fortunately, it seems like the dogs and the little girl didn't get into any trouble while wandering the house alone. Props to mom for finding them not too long after.

And parents, I'm sure you can relate to the surprise of seeing your toddler casually strolling around the house when they're supposed to be in bed.