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Have You Seen This? US geography is weirder than you think
Watch this video and then go enter a bunch of trivia contests. If nothing else, you'll ace the geography round. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
EARTH Before you watch today's video, take a second and visualize where you are on the Earth.

OK, do you have a pretty good idea? You know, at least vaguely, where you are in relation to the other states, countries, continents, etc.? Perfect. Now get ready to make some major adjustments to that visualization.

This video is called "How the Geography of the US is Weirder Than You Think," and it dives into several geography facts that will probably mess with your head. I know "geography facts" don't sound like the most exciting thing you could be listening to right now, but before you immediately close this window, trust me when I say this video is actually really cool.

For example, do you know what U.S. state is closest to Africa? Believe it or not, it's Maine. And did you know it maybe actually is possible to walk from the United States to Russia? Or how about the fact that Reno, Nevada, is farther west than Los Angeles?

Fun facts aside, this video is a short, simple look at the planet we live on and how sometimes our view gets a little bit skewed. It's a good reminder to try to think of things from a different perspective every once in a while. And if you thought you had a good idea of where you are on the Earth right now, think again, watch this video and then get back to me. If nothing else, once you're finished watching, you'll be able to ace the geography round at trivia night from now on.