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Have You Seen This? What the inside of your head looks like while you sing
An MRI recording shows a unique and bizarre look at the inside of a woman's head while she performs both normal singing and overtone singing. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
THE SKELETAL SYSTEM Have you ever wondered what the inside of your head looks like while you sing? No? You need to do more wondering.

Because you can basically see anything you can imagine on the internet these days, in a video released last year by German singer Anna-Maria Hefele, we get the answer to this question that you may or may not have been asking. And it's... bizarre.

The first thing I said while watching this video is that it was the weirdest thing I'd ever seen. Then I kept watching, fascinated by how freaky, yet genuinely cool, it was to see this inside view of a singing head. And halfway through the video, it got even cooler when Hefele switched from normal singing to her specialty overtone singing, also known as "throat singing" and we got a look at how she's able to make music by basically only moving her tongue.

This isn't the first time Hefele has had a cool video making the internet rounds. Back in 2014, she went viral with a video where she explains her unique overtone singing technique. The Huffington Post at the time called the method "somewhat Twilight Zone-ey," but I'm guessing they never imagined seeing the actual inside of Hefele's head while she performs.

Fortunately, this MRI recording exists and now we have this interesting video where we can watch how Hefele's tongue creates such distinct notes while her mouth barely moves. Enjoy the video; I bet it's something you never thought you'd be able to see, so thanks, technology, for making the bizarre possible.