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Have You Seen This? YouTube Rewind 2017 is all the internets viral trends in one video
Can you believe fidget spinners haven't even been a big thing for a year? 2017 has been a wild ride full of plenty of ups and downs, and thanks to YouTube, we'll remember it all forever. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
THE WORLD WIDE WEB Can you believe the year is almost over? Have you started working on your New Year's resolutions yet? No? You want me to stop talking about resolutions because you are not ready to face the fact that another year has come and gone so quickly?

Don't worry, I understand completely. You are not alone. In fact, luckily for you, you can put off those resolutions a little longer. YouTube just released its annual "Rewind" video, and now you can relive all the best moments of 2017 over and over for as long as the internet exists! What a treat!

YouTube has been summing up the most viral trends, songs and memes of each year in a rewind video since 2012. Each year the video itself goes viral as everyone on the internet reflects on all the crazy things we did and watched online during the past 12 months. And this year's edition is no different.

Released just hours ago, the video is titled "The Shape of 2017" and already has more than 6 million views. Because who wouldn't want to watch a video filled with fidget spinners, slime, Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, "Despacito" and zombies?

OK, before you watch the video, I have to come clean. I spend all of my day, pretty much every day, on the internet. It's one of the hazards that come with the job title "social media manager." But despite that, I only recognize like half of the references and people in this video. Sorry, #teens, you are officially cooler than me.

So with that disclosure out of the way, enjoy the video. It's nice to look back on this year and remember some of the crazy, fun and even serious and sad moments we all experienced together. Let me know in the comments below how many things in the video you already knew about, and then if you want, you can watch the making of the video here.