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Have You Seen This? YouTuber has great pow day snowboarding with Giant Bear
Local YouTuber, Stuart Edge, has teamed up with a giant stuffed bear for an epic powder day at a local Utah resort. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE SLOPES I may be aging myself here, but Id like to take a tick or two of your time to talk about ski video legend Warren Miller. At least, he was a legend in our house.

We laughed until we cried as we watched videos of people biffing it on ski lifts and bunny slopes while Miller provided dry commentary. For us, it was even better than Americas Funniest Home Videos." Of course, we were also amazed when the videos turned into professional skiers taking on insane backcountry trails and pulling death-defying runs that spit in the face good sense and reason.

Maybe YouTuber Stuart Edge (who you may remember from such videos as dancing Star Lord and a series of love pranks) is channeling a little bit of both sides of Warren Miller with his latest video.

In the video, Edge takes a grown human person in a massive bear costume to Cherry Peak Resort near Logan, Utah, for some sweet powder action. It may sound dumb, but believe me, whoever is in The Giant Bear costume is no snowboarding slouch. You can tell he knows what hes doing, and hes doing it all with probably 40 extra awkward pounds wrapped around his body.

Despite the obvious skill of The Giant Bear, my favorite parts are first, the comical view of a giant bear in a narrow ski lift seat, and second, when a sweet skiing kid watches the bear go down hard then skis by with a quick, Are you OK? before immediately continuing his or her run.

You can see more collaboration from Edge and The Giant Bear here.