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Here are the best pregnancy tests, according to experts
You should definitely read this before you go out and buy a pregnancy test. - photo by Lindsey Miller
If youve ever thought you were pregnant, you know the anticipation of taking a pregnancy test can be exciting and nerve-wracking. And, theres always that tiny chance that the test could be wrong.

We live in a world of instant gratification, even when it comes to at-home pregnancy tests. These little tests let us know early on if we should get ready for a new addition to the family.

There are tons of different tests to choose from so weve made a list of the best ones to use so you know for sure youre getting the most accurate results.

1. First Response Early Result

This test is one of the most accurate and can tell you whether or not youre pregnant as early as five days before your period is even supposed to start. It has a wide tip and a curved handle so its easy to use, and its very sensitive to the pregnancy hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG).

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2. Clearblue digital with Smart Countdown

This test is unique because you can actually watch to see when your results will be ready. Theres a bar on the screen that will tell you the progress. When its ready, it will either say pregnant or not pregnant. Although it cant tell as early as the First Response test, its 99 percent accurate on the day your period is supposed to start.

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3. Wondfo pregnancy test

The Wondfo test is unlike the others on this list because they come in strips. The best part about using these is that theyre super accurate and you get more for your money. They typically come in boxes of 25-50 and cost about the same as other tests that come in packs of 3-5. Results take approximately five minutes to show up, and its best to use this test after you miss your period.

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4. EPT Certainty

This is another digital test that will say pregnant, not pregnant or have an hourglass symbol while the results are still coming in. Its impossible to misread, has clear instructions and and its very accurate. And, you can take it four days before your period!

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5. New Choice

This is one of the best pregnancy tests you can get for your money. Although you can find it in the aisles of the dollar store, its highly sensitive and extremely accurate. Its best to take it the day of your missed period or any time after for the most accurate results.

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Adding to your family is exciting, but even if you try these tests and get a positive its best to see a doctor to confirm the results. Its also important to remember that everyone is different, and while one person might get positive results before a missed period, another persons results might not come right away. Be patient and hopefully youll get the results youre wishing for.

If you have used other tests you loved, tell us in the comments!