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Las Vegas police use 2016 photo of a scalded baby to warn about dangers of hot water
As CBS News reported, Las Vegas emergency officials shared the photo to highlight the summertime risk of children being in hot climates. - photo by Herb Scribner
A photo of a baby with scalded skin and blisters has gone viral again after Las Vegas police shared the picture as a warning to the dangers to children in hot climates.

As CBS News reported, Las Vegas emergency officials shared the photo, which originated from a 2016 incident in Arizona, to highlight the summertime risks to children in hot weather.

Las Vegas Fire Department said in a tweet that water can reach 130 to 140 degrees when a garden hose is left out in the sun.

The officials advised people to let the hose water cool before spraying it.

As KPHO-TV reported, the incident occurred in 2016 after a baby, 9-month-old Nicholas Woodger, was showered in scalding hot water that came from a garden hose, which had been sitting in the sun for hours.

Nicholas suffered from second-degree burns across 30 percent of his body.

His mother, Dominique Woodger, was filling a kiddie pool when she accidentally sprayed her son, according to KPHO.

She shared the photo originally to warn residents how hot water can get in the summer.

According to USA Today, the Arizona Burn Center warned about the dangerously high temperatures of water from a garden hose.

Record temperatures hit much of the U.S. in May, according to The Associated Press. Average temperatures hovered around 65.4 degrees, breaking the record high of 64.7 set in 1934. This May was 5.2 degrees higher than the 20th centurys average for May.