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Macklemore overcomes drugs, demons, drinks for his daughter in new song Growing Up
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With their newest song, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have surely grown up.

Long gone are the days when the two young men sifted through Thrift Shop clothes. Instead, the duo, along with Ed Sheeran, just released a new song called Growing Up (Sloanes Song), which pays homage to Macklemores 2-month-old baby daughter, Sloane Ava Simone Taggerty.

In the song, Macklemore, whose real name is Ben Taggerty, explains what kind of father he hopes to be.

I could promise you that Ill try and work less, but the tours routed and I got this album, he raps. Put in so many hours, and I just want the outcome to be something that I can look back and I can be proud of. Dont wanna be a dad thats living in Facetime, but I got a world to sing to and you at the same time.

Macklemore decided to write this song following his descent back into drug and alcohol abuse, which he initially struggled with before his career skyrocketed, according to an emotional letter that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis posted on their website.

The success of songs like Thrift Shop and Cant Hold Us led him down the dark road again. But after he found out his partner Tricia Davis was pregnant last year, Macklemore realized he had to clean up his act and become the father he wanted to be for his daughter, he said in the letter.

Ive always had some make-believe image in my head of who I would be as a father, Taggerty wrote. But in actuality the hypothetical dad version of me looked completely different than the man whose heart was beating out of chest on the carpet, praying to a god or spirit I hadnt talked to in months. When Tricia walked out of the bathroom, I knew. And I knew I had to change."

Listen to the heartwarming new song.