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The Clean Cut: 11-year-old explains the viral list of rules for classmate on 'Ellen'
Ellen DeGeneres talks with Noah and Zo, the pair behind a viral list of rules. - photo by Noelle Baldwin
Earlier this year Zo, an 11-year-old fifth-grader from Jackson, Mississippi, created a list of rules for her classmate Noah to follow. The list went viral in September and the pair appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss why the hilarious list was created.

I was annoyed with Noah, Zo said. He would invade my personal space by touching my shoulder.

Im just trying to get her attention, Noah claimed.

The list has seven rules, which include Do not speak to me unless its a greeting, which will be never, and the warning that if Noah breaks any of the rules Zo will call her dad, mothers friend, her "fake mom" and a janitor. Noah admits that he broke the sixth rule, which states that he must reread the list 500 times.

Ellen asked the pair if they could be friends. At first there wasnt a bright chance, Zo said, but I tell him, Give me time.

Noah agreed and confessed that their relationship is a little rocky right now.

Watch the video on YouTube here.