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The most popular baby names from around the world
Here's what parents from 10 different countries are naming their babies. - photo by Melinda Fox
You already know which names are hot in the United States; but which names are most popular in other countries? Here's what parents from around the world are naming their children.


Every name is cuter with a British accent.

Girls: Sophia, Emily, Lily, Olivia, Amelia, Isla

Boys: Muhammad, Oliver, Jack, Noah, Jacob, Charlie


These names are as flavorful as their country's food.

Girls: Aadya, Diya, Saanvi, Amaira, Angel, Myra

Boys: Aarav, Reyansh, Muhammad, Vivaan, Ayaan, Vihaan


Check out these delightful names from down-under.

Girls: Charlotte, Olivia, Amelia, Ava, Sophia, Zoe

Boys: Oliver, Noah, Jack, Lucas, William, Jackson


These Mexican names are as beautifully classic as they come.

Girls: Mara, Guadalupe, Juana, Margarita, Vernica, Elizabeth

Boys: Jos, Luis, Juan, Miguel, Francisco, Jess


Give your baby a name with a French twist.

Girls: Manon, Jade, Louise, Alice, Camille, Chloe

Boys: Armand, Jules, Lucas, Leo, Gabriel, Arthur


It's the biggest country in the world, so there's probably a lot of people with these names.

Girls: Anastasia, Nastya, Dasha, Anna, Maria, Olga

Boys: Nikita, Dima, Alexander, Sergey, Vlad, Andrey


These names are a combination of South American and Portugese cultures.

Girls: Gabriela, Fernanda, Julia, Ana, Amanda, Beatriz

Boys: Gabriel, Lucas, Matheus, Pedro, Leonardo, Joo


African names are pretty unique to most English speakers, but that doesn't make them any less pretty.

Girls: Enass, Farah, Nabila, Kachi, Zainab, Ben Saidane

Boys: Ali, Moha Hassan, Mastafa, Zakaria, Wiss, Lover


Oh Canada has great baby names.

Girls: Emma, Hailey, Isabella, Jada, Matilda, Maya

Boys: Carter, Christopher, Hunter, Joseph, Joshua, Matthew


Here are the phonetic versions of these Chinese names.

Girls: Wang Fang, Wang Xiu Ying, Li Xiu Ying, Li Na, Zhang Xiu Ying, Zhang Min

Boys: Zhang Wei, Wang Wei, Li Wei, Liu Wei, Li Qiang, Wang Lei