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They may want to cover their kids' ears: Incredibles 2 getting some criticism for swears
This image released by Disney Pixar shows a scene from "Incredibles 2," in theaters on June 15. (Disney/Pixar via AP) - photo by Herb Scribner
Warning: This article includes mild language.

Parents may want to exercise caution when taking children to see Incredibles 2, especially if youre not OK with occasional swear words.

Multiple parents and reviewers have commented on the films inclusion of cuss words.

The Motion Picture Association of America rated "Incredibles 2" PG for "action sequences and some brief mild language."

The Express Gabriella Geisinger wrote, for example, that parents may want to be cautious over the films language.

Geisinger specifically referenced a scene that included the character Frozone, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.

Jackson utters the phrase What the" followed by the hint of the letter "F" to imply a swear word.

He doesn't finish the sentence, but for parents who have concerns about swear words around their children, they may want to cover their kids' ears, Geisinger wrote.

Meanwhile, writer M. Arbeiter of the Nerdist said the film may be grim for parents, too.

Meanwhile, a curious shift from the first movies larger-than-life superhero spectacle to a down-and-dirtier brand of action movie violence risks expensing a helping of whimsy, and may even prove a bit too grim for some discerning parents (the same collective might likewise be put off by a small handful of soft swears), according to Arbeiter.

Multiple users commented on the films curse words in the parent-review section on the site Common Sense Media.

One user, Echit84, wrote, Movie was really cute and my kids enjoyed it. However, I was really disappointed by the use of curse words. Not sure why that's considered acceptable for a kid's movie. Hell and damn are both used in the movie when other words could have easily been used instead. Not impressed."

Another user, DanielCPalmer, wrote, Thought we'd take our 7- and 4-year-old to see this new one (they loved the first Incredibles). Yes, there are some scary things and somewhat grown-up humor, which doesn't bug me, but the outright use of mild cursing is absurd. I know they'll hear this and more in the near future, but it's completely unnecessary in a Disney animated movie.

Another reviewer, geo94, wrote: I'm truly sad that they added cursing to what could have been a great movie. I agree with others that it was scary as well. My daughters were exposed to words that we don't use around the house. It's sad.

Reddit user ThomasFMaher shared a negative review of the films profanity, too. The reviewer said he counted one damn and one hell and an unfinished s---.

If Im correct, this is the first time in Pixar history were getting this kind of language, he wrote. Not saying its severe language but its pretty heavy for Pixar. Definitely goes to show you this movie was made for the adults who saw the original Incredibles as children.

Incredibles 2 also faced controversy over its strobe lighting animation. One Twitter user criticized the film for not including a warning at the beginning.

According to Variety, Disney announced Monday that it will add a seizure warning to the beginning of the film to accommodate families worried over the strobe lights.