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Things my newborn taught me about life
A newborn may not seem like the most likely person to teach us things, but there is a lot you can learn from them. - photo by Megan Shauri
Having a new baby changes your life. Your world is turned upside down, and your life as you knew it is over. No matter if it is your first or fifth baby, they all teach you some important life lessons.

Here are a few things my new baby has taught me recently:

Looks arent everything

I have to admit I have really struggled losing the baby weight this time around. I start to feel bad about myself, but then I see how my baby reacts when she sees me. Her smile and how she lights up is enough to reassure me that looks arent everything. She doesnt care that I am carrying a few extra pounds, or havent put makeup on the entire week. She loves me for who I am, and how I treat her. She is excited to see me and spend time with me, and that makes me realize that in the grand scheme of life, looks dont matter.

Health is precious

On the other hand, I have also learned how important it is to be healthy. As I work out and eat right in order to get back to a healthy weight, I feel better. I have more energy, more patience, and a greater milk supply to give my baby. Being healthy truly is a great tool to help me and my baby through this transition phase.

The world does not revolve around me

My baby demands a lot of me. It does not matter if Im tired, in the middle of something, or trying to get some work done. When she wants me, she lets me know, and I know I have to drop everything for her. I no longer determine how I will spend my day or live my life, my child does. It is an important lesson to learn that the world does not revolve around me. There is no better person to teach me this than my baby. But the best part is, I am willing to drop everything to attend to her. My happiness is dependent upon hers.

Slow down and enjoy the little moments

I cannot rush my baby. She takes as long as she needs, and there really isnt a lot I can do about it. She really forces me to slow down and enjoy the moment. I may have a day full of things to do, but I have to take some time every couple hours to feed, change, and care for my little one.

Pretty soon I get into the habit of breaking up my day with little moments to just sit with my baby, and it is amazing how it has changed me. I get lost in the little moments. When my baby smiles, gazes into my eyes or giggles, it makes my whole world. It really is the little things that matter.

Dont take things for granted

A baby grows fast. In just a few months they change dramatically. They are only newborns for a short time, and every day they are growing and developing. I learned quickly not to take any moment for granted. It shows me how precious life is and how fast time goes by. I cherish how small and tiny she is, and try not to let life get in the way of really appreciating the time I have with her.

Its important to manage my time wisely

Things are different with a baby in the house. I learned there are certain things I can do when she is sleeping, eating or playing. I have to arrange my day to fit into her schedule. If I get an unexpected free moment, I use it wisely. Gone are the times of sitting around doing nothing or taking my time. Now every moment is precious, and I know to spend it wisely.

These are all little life lessons that we should all be living, but sometimes it takes something as small as a baby to force us to actually live them.