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Tide, Diet Coke and Han Solo: Here are the most memorable ads from Super Bowl LII
Super Bowl LII was about more than just the football on Sunday night. Weve collected some of the best from Sunday night. - photo by Herb Scribner
Super Bowl LII was about more than just football on Sunday night.

A 2016 study from HuffPost/YouGov found that about 26 percent of young Americans those infamous millennials prefer to watch the big game for the commercials. Only 24 percent of younger viewers would rather watch the actual football game.

Similarly, a study from 2016 done by Burson-Marsteller Fan Experience said that many Americans want to wait to see their commercials before the big game airs.

No question exists about hype around commercials. The Deseret News highlighted 10 different commercials that were online ahead of the Super Bowl (some were teasers as well).

Weve collected some of the best from Sunday night and posted them below.

Here they are.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World aired another official trailer for the upcoming film, which showed dinosaurs, once again, terrorizing humans.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Super Bowl viewers received a quick glimpse at the trailer for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story film. The films first real trailer drops Monday.

Avenger: Infinity War

Disneys second commercial of the night showed more clips of the Russo Brothers-directed movie Avenger: Infinity War.

Toyota All One Team

Toyota showed a friendship between different religious believers in its ad.


The red M&M turned into Danny Devito in this ad.

Wendy's vs. McDonald's

Wendys took a shot at McDonalds in its latest ad.

Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice

Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage teamed up for a dual ad that showed Doritos' new Blaze chips and the new Mountain Dew Ice drink.

Tide ad with David Harbour

In what can only be described as a meta ad, actor David Harbour (aka Police Chief Jim Hopper on Stranger Things) popped up several times throughout the night claiming ads were Tide ads. He often times appeared in what appeared to be different commercials before popping up and saying, Its a Tide ad.

eTrade This is Getting Old

This ad showed elderly people working since they had not saved enough for their retirement.

Diet Coke Groove

Want to see a woman in a pink polka dot blouse dancing while advertising for Diet Coke? Heres a quick look.

Actor Danny McBride (Pineapple Express) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) starred in what appeared to be an ad for a reboot of Crocodile Dundee, until it revealed to be an ad for

The Voice

Stars of NBCs The Voice showed up for this advertisement.

T-Mobile Little Ones

T-Mobile used its ad space to show a group of adorable babies, with an adult narrator speaking to the little ones, promoting gender equality.

Kraft shared family videos and photos

Kraft shared photos that it received of family and friends.

Eli Mannings dance

Eli Manning stole the show with a dance-centered commercial for the NFL.

Monster headphones

The brand Monster showed a commercial for its new headphones, which look to be similar to the headphones Beats.

Amazon Echo with all the celebs

In one of the nights funniest ads, Amazon showed off its Echo device. This time, the video included voices from notable celebrities, including Anthony Hawkins and rapper Cardi B.

"Peyton Manning: Vacation Quarterback"

Whats it like to be Peyton Manning at Universal studios? This ad showed show the former quarterback's vacation game face.