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Video: See the dangerous haboob storm that dusted southern Arizona this week
A fast-moving haboob ripped through Arizona on Monday and caught the attention of the internet. - photo by Herb Scribner
A fast-moving haboob ripped through Arizona on Monday, and video coverage caught the attention of the internet.

The massive dust storm blanketed much of southern Arizona, specifically covering much of Interstate 8, a rather popular highway in the area.

See the storm in the video here.

Storm chaser Mike Olbinski told Mashable he expected to see thunderstorms in the area.

He didnt expect such a large dust storm, though.

"The dust storm was so bad everyone stopped driving on the road," Olbinski told Mashable. "It was intense and pretty dangerous."

The storm grabbed the attention of the internet as well.

The National Weather Service in Phoenix said that area of the state could have dense blowing dust and winds. It encouraged residents to stay inside.

According to, about 94,000 customers were without power because of the storm.

The haboob derives its name from similar storms that run through Sudan's capital of Khartoum. An article in 1972 compared the two types of storms, saying they both form through storm cells that grow as they move, according to The Arizona Republic.