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Whos the best Mario Kart character? This data science report finally has an answer
TECH PAGE ART. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - photo by Herb Scribner
A new, complicated data report just unveiled who might be the best character to use in the Mario Kart games.

The report identified the top characters after measuring a number of stats, since each character can be customized with different characters and tires. In fact, there are about 149,760 combinations that can be made between tires, vehicles and characters.

The report identified speed and acceleration as the two most important attributes in 'Mario Kart,' so the goal of this analysis is to identify the character/kart/tire configurations that lie on the Pareto frontier for speed and acceleration.

Theres a trade-off between the two. High speed leads to poor acceleration and vice versa. Lighter characters can accelerate but lack speed.

Larger characters might be the best bet because they offer the best combination of speed and acceleration when racing.

Heavy characters are more versatile than light characters, according to the report. While Warios possible configurations can achieve about 77 (percent) of the max acceleration, Baby Mario can only get up to 50 (percent) of the max speed.

Specifically, Wario and Donkey Kong look to be the best options.

Read the entire report on Medium.

But, as Nintendo Life noted about the report, there are some other options if youre interested in other characters. Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina, Lemmy Koopa and Mii Light are all other viable options who have the right combination of acceleration.

Meanwhile, those hoping for more speed should check out Wario, Bowser, Morton Koopa or Mii Heavy.