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Why aren't millennials getting married? Money
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There are many hallmarks of the millennial generation, not least among them their aversion toward organized religion and an unwillingness to identify with one of the two major political parties, according to Paul Taylor, executive vice president of special projects at the Pew Research Center.
But one specific demographic trend has many millennials feeling as though their future is not fully theirs to conquer, according to Taylor.
In an interview conducted by Big Think — a self-described online “knowledge forum” — that was uploaded to their YouTube channel on June 10, Taylor discussed the findings of Pew’s recent study of the millennial generation (which tracked those age 18 to 33), the findings of which he has turned into a book titled “The Next America.”
At the video's 3:30 mark, Taylor begins to discuss the economic situation of many in the millennial generation.
“They are the first generation in modern times that is doing less well economically than their parents generation on any way you measure it,” Taylor said.
That fact has led many young Americans away from certain cultural milestones. For example, seven in 10 millennials told the Pew researchers that they would like to get married, but their economic situation kept them from doing so, according to Taylor.
“I don’t have the economic foundation to get married,” they would respond, according to Taylor.
“That will reverberate in interesting ways as they mature into middle age and beyond" he said.
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