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Why your friends are unfriending you
Facebook is a great tool to renew friendships, keep in touch with people over long distances and share information with friends. But there are certain topics, posts and behaviors that may push friends away. - photo by Megan Shauri
Facebook is a great tool to renew friendships, keep in touch with people over long distances and share information with friends. But there are certain topics, posts and behaviors that may push friends away. Here are some reasons you may be losing friends on Facebook.

Your opinions put others down

Facebook started out as a way to share about things you are doing, pictures, activities and information about your daily life. Lately it has also become a forum to share opinions and political views. While it is OK to promote your opiniona, if you do it while putting down the opposite opinion, it can turn people away. For example, by criticizing a persons parenting style as something you would never do and cant believe people actually accept and practice, it can directly offend some of your friends and make them feel that you think you are better than them. Instead of attacking one side, give positive reasons why you promote the side you do.

You only like posts

Do you tend to be one of those friends that are like silent shadows hanging out in the corner of our lives? You see what is going on, but you never say anything. You like everything your friends post, but leave the comment section blank. It is nice to like pictures and posts, but it would also be nice to know what you think. Try speaking up once in a while and let someone know how you feel. Dont get lost in the crowd all the time; stand out!

You only post past memories

Are you guilty of constantly reposting your past posts? Facebook will show you the things youve posted in the past with the option of reposting them. It is a fun way to review your memories and see how far youve come -- but don't overdo it. For those who regularly follow you, it can be annoying to constantly see repeated posts. Pretty soon they may forget what your kid currently looks like because all they see are posts from years past. Maybe it is time to start living in the present instead of the past.

You only share third party posts

One reason we add friends is because we want to know what is going on in their lives. If you are one of those people who only shares quotes or pictures that you did not take, it is not saying anything about your life. It may seem pointless after a time to continue to be your friend if you post nothing personal. Try updating your profile picture to one that is actually of you and not some cute animal or sunset. Post a status every once in a while to let others know you are alive.

You over-post

On the other side of never posting, are those who over post -- such as what you ate for breakfast, how you felt after you ate, what clothes you wore, how your morning commute was and what your lunch tasted like. Before you post, try waiting 10 minutes to see if that thought is still important enough to you to share with the whole Facebook world.

You only post about your business

Yes, we know you are a firm believer in doTERRA; you sell it, you use it, you swear by it -- but is that your whole life? Im sure more goes on during your day than just mixing essential oils together. It is one thing to let people know you have started a new business, and even give testimonials every once in a while about how it has changed your life, but daily posts about the miracle of frankincense gets really old after a while. Post things about your other activities, your family life and fun pictures of your kids. Or perhaps make a separate page just for business posts that your friends can choose to like or not. When your friends have a question about the healing power of lavender, or if they really do want to try some oils, they will reach out to you. They don't need a daily reminder that they are missing out on something amazing.

Facebook is a fun place to share and promote your ideas, faith, values and experiences, but if you find your friends list diminishing, it could be because you are guilty of some of the above. By slightly adjusting how and what you post, you can promote better relationships with your friends rather than pushing them away.