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Woman sends text to wrong number, marries recipient 3 years later
A fateful text message sent to the wrong number resulted in a wedding three years later. - photo by Jessica Ivins
ST. LOUIS A fateful text message sent to the wrong number resulted in a wedding three years later.

Six years after her divorce from her first husband, business took Kasey Bergh to Denver in June 2012. She had reached out to her co-workers hoping to meet up, but didnt have any luck. Thats when she decided to try a co-worker she hadnt spoken to in some time, but little did she know that while that co-worker had a new number, her future husband now held his old one, Today reports.

Hey its Kasey, the text read. I was supposed to connect with Maria at the park but her plane was delayed so Im at the Westin. Wanted to see if I could connect with anyone else.

She got a response, just not from the person from whom she was expecting to hear.

Sorry, youve got the wrong number, but if I wasnt heading to work Id be down to hang, wrote Henry Glendening Berghs future Prince Charming.

Not the stuff great romance is made of just yet anyway.

Luckily for both of them, Bergh was feeling a little lonely and isolated since she had failed to connect with any of her colleagues. So the correspondence continued.

I was in this really crazy place of frustration, she said. Ordinarily I would have just said sorry and it was nice meeting you, but the only person in the world I was able to reach seemed to be this stranger.

The future couple spent the next few days exchanging messages about life, books, spirituality and everything in between. Turns out Glendening lived in Berghs hometown of St. Louis too. They quickly formed a connection, despite a 30-year age difference.

It didnt really make any difference, Glendening told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. We were so connected at that point through deeper stuff.

Glendening got Bergh through her business trip, and when she got home to St. Louis, the pair met up for a coffee date. While some would argue that the texting age has ruined societys ability to socialize in person, that idea certainly wasnt the case for the new friends.

The face-to-face chemistry was instant.

I felt like this was someone I had known for years, said Glendening. We already knew so much about each other at that point and it was kind of weird, but we felt like old friends right off the bat.

The coffee date went so well, the pair met up for drinks at a local restaurant that night. Glendening left on what was supposed to be a 10-day road trip out West to do some soul searching.

I just wanted to take a week and a half, go out West, go where I can see the stars really, really well, he told the Post-Dispatch. The whole trip was about solitude, reconnecting with the universe and myself.

But he couldnt stay disconnected from Bergh for long as soon as he checked into a hotel in Utah, he sent her a simple but life-changing voice message: I love you.

I had totally embraced I was single and that I never needed a guy, Bergh said. Then I met Henry.

Glendening proposed two years to the date of their first fateful text exchange, revisiting the restaurant where they had drinks on their first date. Glendening arranged to have Berghs favorite song playing when he dropped to one knee.

One year later, they were married, a modern-day fairy tale with a very happy ending.

Sometimes I just look at him and say, Thanks for answering my text, Bergh told Today.