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You've got to be kidding! See more than 100 goats take over an Idaho neighborhood
More than 100 goats briefly took over a neighborhood in Boise Friday morning. - photo by Herb Scribner
More than 100 goats briefly took over a neighborhood in Boise on Friday morning.

The goats strolled down the streets in the neighborhood and rushed into peoples yards, according to KTVB-7, a CBS affiliate in Idaho. The herd arrived on peoples lawns at about 7 a.m. They snacked on lawns and flower bushes. They even chomped on leaves from trees.

Animal control responded to the scene with one truck. They needed more.

But then a large truck We Rent Goats, which rents goats to clear weeds, tried to corral the herd into its truck. Eventually, crews with the company succeeded in rounding up the goats.

Heres how it went down.

The 118 escaped goats are owned by We Rent Goats, according to The Idaho Statesman.

Ruth Brown, a reporter for the Idaho Statesman, shared a photo of the fence that the goats broke in order to escape.

Kim Gabica, one of the owners of We Rent Goats, wasnt surprised the animals ran away together.

Goats are great escape artists, and I guess they decided to go on an adventure today, she told the Statesman. Its rare that this many would get out, but they would definitely follow each other.

The story gained national attention. The Washington Post reported on the incident, as did the New York Daily News.

The internet celebrated the rebellious goats.