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On 9-11 anniversary, remember our heroes
Sen. Roger Marshall
Sen. Roger Marshall

Saturday marks a solemn day in our nation’s history – 20 years since one of the most devastating attacks on our nation’s soil. Most every one of us can remember exactly where we were on September 11, 2001. For me, I was talking to a family after a surgery as I saw in disbelief the first, and then the second tower come crashing down. With the TV volume turned down, I thought it was an advertisement, or perhaps the trailer for a new movie. But it was not to be. 

That day will forever be etched into our memories for the thousands of American lives lost and the millions of us watching in anger, horror, and confusion for what else was to come. We will never forget those lost lives or the heroism of our first responders that day. We all remain grateful for those brave men and women who risked their lives to save countless others on September 11th, many of whom have suffered or having succumbed from illness as a consequence of putting their bodies in harm’s way. They all ran to the battle, as Americans always have. We must never forget their sacrifices.

This anniversary also holds a special significance as we pay tribute to all of our American heroes who did what they were sent to do in the war on terror: they decimated Al-Qaeda, they eliminated Osama bin Laden, and they kept America and our allies safe for 20 years from another Sept. 11 event. Each and every one of our soldiers made a difference and must be saluted and thanked – for you all are truly the best of America and we should never forget that.

While the future of Afghanistan remains uncertain, and the War on Terrorism continues, we must always remember the sacrifices our heroes and their families made to avenge us from the September 11th attack and their valiant efforts to continue to keep us safe. And today, let’s all pause to honor and remember them all.

U.S. Sen. Roger Marshall hails from Great Bend. He can be reached at