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A big undertaking
Zoning regulations up for public review
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In an era of more regulation, a Barton County agency has seen to it that these problems are lessened locally. The Barton County Planning Commission is to be commended for its efforts.
The commission has just wrapped up a four-year re-evaluation of all the county’s zoning regulations. The nine members and Environmental Manager Judy Goreham looked at each of the 900 square miles, starting in one corner of the county and working their way down.
They have recommended consolidating some zoning districts, eliminating some and adding some. They have also incorporated recent zoning changes and updated the codes to bring them in line with current realities.
This was all done not with expanding governmental control. Instead, it was done to streamline the regulations and, in Goreham’s words, reduce the red tape
This was a lot of work for little recognition.
Now, with several outreach meetings planned in the coming weeks and copies of the proposed revisions available for public viewing around the county, it is up to the residents to learn what they can.
Goreham said they want as much input from folks as they can. This is an example of how the process should work.
All that this takes to be successful is an informed populace. Just as in an election, we must take an active role in our government. If we have questions about a candidate, we must ask. If we have concerns about the zoning laws, we must voice them.
Dale Hogg