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A Womans View
On cleaning out the stuff
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The holidays are approaching. It’s time to get rid of stuff and organize our homes! Get a box, and start to fill it, folks! Be ready to part with things that have to go!
Don’t think you need to tackle the whole enchilada at once. Do one category at a time. I will help you.
When it’s full, it will go to the Second Hand stores so that neither Fred nor I will rescue something we put in the box.
“What do I have that needs to be weeded out”, you say?
Here’s my suggestions.. I am certain you will think of others. Let me know?
We need all the help we can get!
If you are no longer using it, liking it, needing it, or deeply attached to it, then give it a home!
Ready? Let’s go.
Outdated electronics? Yes, I know you paid a lot for them then, but do you use them now? Recycle.
Stockings with runs. I guess you could use one as a Halloween mask.
Clothing you have outgrown. Ahem. Can we skirt by that item real fast?
Cables and wires you don’t use! Mine are so tangled, I don’t know if I can separate them.
Worn-out bath mats. Like, really? Into the trash they go.
Flatware, plates, and glasses which don’t match the rest of your collection.
Wedding favors you don’t need or use. I have some mugs with wedding dates. Will any one want them? Don’t think so. Recycle.
Old wallets you don’t use.
Purses you never use. Yes, I know they are still stylish and nice. That’s why you need to give them away! Budget shop.
Tired bras. Trash.
Scarves you never wear. Oh, but someday I will get it together and use them. I just know it! Not.
Dried up nail polish. Garbage.
Old wedding dresses, prom dresses. These are Halloween costumes now!
Old underwear or swimwear that’s losing its stretch. This one embarrasses me!
Old make-up. C’mon let er rip! Let go! Into the trash.
Gifts you don’t like. Just hope the person who gave it to you doesn’t see it in the Salvation Army store.
Expired or sample-sized toiletries. How can I stop Fred from bringing little bars of soap home from the hotels?
DVDs you don’t watch. Really? Some day? Ya think?
Bills you don’t need to keep; expired coupons. I found one dated 2008. Can any of you beat that? How early can you go?
Scratched non-stick cookware. Bet this one hits home with most of you! No. Absolutely not! No one can “use” these. Save the Second Hand stores the trouble and toss them.
Old artwork or children’s artwork. Dear mothers. Your kids won’t want them either!
Travel brochures. As a conversation piece on the coffee table, no one wants to converse about it. No one even wants to look at it!
Junk mail.
Christmas lights that don’t work! The time will not come when you think you will take the afternoon and fix them. No, no, no.
Old schoolbooks you will never use again. Guilty!!
Books you have already read and don’t want to display
Are these enough? I have many more to suggest, but I don’t want to overload our totally maxed out minds! I will leave your guilty thoughts to you as I too, try to tackle some of these items.
Why O Why do we keep these things? Don’t despair.
One step at a time!
Judy Tabler is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune and her views don’t necessarily reflect those of the paper. She can be reached at