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Abortion is sometimes the best option
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To the editor:

I know that Kansas is a conservative State and I also am a conservative person. I have a question for you, however, regarding the upcoming vote on abortion rights. Would you allow our Kansas Legislature, who made such an inane decision as allowing biological males to compete in female athletics, to control such an important issue as a woman’s right to an abortion? Neither would I. 

In addition, I worked for years in the mental health system in Kansas and have seen literally thousands of unwanted, neglected, abused children placed into the Kansas Children’s Protective Services. Many of these children grow up in terrible circumstances, and as adults also abuse their children; abuse substances, such as alcohol and drugs; and engage in criminal activity. However horrible it might be, sometimes, abortion is the kindest, most viable option to mother, unborn child and society.

This very important, socially critical decision should not be legislated; it should simply be between a woman and her doctor. Please join me in voting NO in the upcoming August 2nd election.

Don McCullough