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Bat Cats are about more than baseball
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To the editor:

I had the pleasure of dining with the Great Bend Bat Cats this evening. Wow. What polite young men. They went around and told me where they are from, everywhere from South Korea and Mexico to states all over the USA. They are student athletes from early community college age to working on their masters. They all live with host families in the area.

They are all economic partners in our communities. Some of the parents come and stay and watch the games (one mother was here for a month). They buy gas, groceries and lots of sunflower seeds!! They have done some much needed work on the ball field. When they go home they spread the word of Great Bend. Some of them return year after year. They are a great looking group of guys!!

The young men are invested in the community. They have adopted a stretch of highway to pick up litter. They have worked at the Historical Society helping them do a number of things. They have helped a local business take junk out of a basement (strong backs helped). I’m not sure everything else they do but they are learning to be leaders and being responsible to their community wherever they may eventually land. I told them if they ever want to move to Great Bend that I’m sure the community would welcome them.

Roger Ward is responsible for this program and is doing a great job. I’ve known Roger for a long time and baseball has always been his heart. This last week the Bat Cats had some bad luck. Their bus broke down on the way to a game. The cost to tow a very short way (about 5-10 miles) was $1,000. If you love baseball consider making a donation. The team is a 501(c)3 so donations are tax deductible. Great Bend Bat Cats, 2600 Adams #8, Great Bend, KS 67530

Hopefully one day we will see one of these guys on TV when they are playing the big leagues say “I remember Great Bend ...”

Sheryl Cheely

Great Bend