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Biden induced economic chaos
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To the editor:

High fuel prices boil down to calculated policy decisions made by the Biden administration to devolve our domestic fossil fuel industry based on debatable science that we are in a climate emergency.

These disastrous policies could be reversed with the stroke of a pen if only Biden wasn’t attached at the hip to the eco-left.

This same ideological ilk told us that they “just follow the science” during the COVID-19 pandemic only to find out how specious their self-serving science was. “Fake science” along with “fake news” has become part of the American lexicon.

The Biden administration’s inane energy policies facilitated Vladimir Putin’s ability to invade Ukraine by increasing world dependence on Russian oil as well as driving Russia into Red China’s waiting arms, adding a 21st century reality to the arcane 19th century polemic “The yellow peril.”

We’ve gone from Trump era energy dominance to groveling at the feet of other oil producing nations to hypocritically increase their oil production for our benefit.

From Biden’s first day in office the non-Chinese world has been in an energy related state of artificially induced economic chaos.

Gregory Bontrager