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Cast votes for Alan LaPolice
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Dear editor:

Here are a few questions for voters:

Which candidate for Kansas First Congressional District seat puts loyalty to our country and to Kansas before loyalty to any one political party?

Which candidate for the First District is an Army veteran having served in combat?

Which candidate knows the challenges facing Kansas agriculture because he actively farms?

Which candidate has a background in education and has taught at-risk youth?

Which candidate is committed to breaking the stranglehold of the broken two party system in Washington?

Which candidate would study the issues facing our county and come up with creative bi-partisan solutions?

The answer: Alan LaPolice, a man passionate about his country and passionate about representing the people of the First District. He is a courageous and capable candidate in the mold of his personal hero, Dwight Eisenhower. Please consider voting for Alan LaPolice for First District Congressman.

Donice and Roy Applequist