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Take Away Our Guns, Obama? Hell No!
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We hear you loud and clear, President Obama. Only a person with a cold heart would blame innocent people and suggest taking their guns away after a crazy, militant atheist who probably cheered when your party booed God at their convention goes on a shooting spree at a college in Oregon.
We get you. If you were really angry about the right things, you’d be angry that witnesses said the Oregon shooter religiously profiled people and executed them if they admitted they were Christian. But, oh, no. You conveniently didn’t mention that detail in your anti-gun rant on Thursday in Washington. Instead you heartlessly said it was time to politicize the event. Politicize. Not console victims’ families.
We understand you. If you cared an inkling about the genocidal killing of Christians around the globe, you’d have done something long ago. The venomous anti-Christian rhetoric foaming from your mouth is now coming home to roost. Your words matter. The voices of the martyrs tell us their blood is on your hands.
We clearly comprehend your alliances. Without a doubt, you would have held a White House 9/11-style vigil if the Oregon shooter profiled and killed Muslims. We see where your alliances lie. You’ve denied your oath to protect everyday Americans by rolling out the red carpet for untold numbers of non-vetted Muslim “refugees” who could be terrorists, now infiltrating our homeland. You’ve done it because you can and because you hate the America our founders created.
We see you. We see right through your angry eyes. You’re not angry because Christians were killed in Oregon. Or kids in Sandy Hook. And especially not the soldiers at Fort Hood. You are angry because you can’t get your way. You are angry at the Constitution. You are angry at America’s founders who cared enough about the little law-abiding folks like us to weave into the Constitution a Second Amendment fail-safe to protect us from narcissistic dictators. You are angry at us. The God-revering, Constitution-loving, law-abiding, gun-toting Americans who overwhelmingly do not commit these crimes.
We get you. If you really cared about innocent bloodshed, you’d give speeches from your podium every Monday morning about the black-on-black killings in your beloved hometown. You conveniently overlook all the minority kids being killed by droves in big cities run by your fellow Democrats and instead hone in on law-abiding gun owners. Chicago is Gotham reborn, but in your eyes, there’s nothing to see there, time to move on. Move on to more important things like what you see as the real problem. Us.
We see through you. You want to take away our guns, but you’ll deny it with a smile or that self-righteous, arrogant smirk. You want to take our guns like your buddy Castro did down in Cuba and your other buddy Chavez did in Venezuela. We get it. You’re angry. You’re angry because you can’t do the same to us. You are angry because you are the president of the wrong country. You are angry because you can’t fit the square peg of America into your empty, round hole.
We see your true colors. And it’s not red, white and blue. Hope all you want, but your fascist ideology will never change the greatest country on the face of the earth. America is bigger than you. America is greater than your presidency. America is bigger than all your fellow progressive liberal minions who join you to take her down. America will rise again in the aftermath of this attack on our Constitution known as your presidency. America will be better, greater, because we’ve learned our lesson. America will never again elect an anti-American-anti-Christian-Muslim-favoring-narcissistic-dictator-want-to-be as president.
Greatness awaits. It’s just 402 days, 20 hours, 56 minutes and 20 seconds until Tuesday, November 8, 2016.
Susan is a recovering political pundit from Alaska, who does her best to make sense of current day events using her faith. Contact her by Facebook or at