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Cut back on unnecessary spending; pay for needs
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To the Editor:

Big deal — our mill levy is reduced from 33.33 to 32.945 but our property is going to be revalued so I’m guessing the decreased mill levy will be reimbursed by an increased value to our home.

When a business goes out I see the building setting empty or filled with non-taxpaying government, school or charity offices. That takes the building off the tax rolls.

I notice we have many ballparks, lots of new playground equipment. Our recreation center has all kinds of exercise equipment, toys and activities.

Our schools have flashing neon signs. How do these signs help with educating a child? Why are we feeding children two meals daily? 

I see our college that was to pay its own way in 10 years — 40 years later needing an extra $234,699 plus the taxes we already pay them. Plus the students pay to take classes?

There are many retired people living in Great Bend and Barton County. We are on a fixed income. The Great Bend Tribune has published shocking numbers of people who are delinquent in paying their taxes. Do you wonder why they’re delinquent?

I do believe it’s time to cut back on the unnecessary to pay for the necessary.

Alice Sneath

Great Bend