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Don’t leave the southern border wide open
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To the editor:

The crisis deepens as an estimated 60,000 Haitian welfare recipients approach our southern border en route from South and Central America. Many of whom had already established residency in these same countries.

What will our fearless leader Joe Biden do to protect America from this invasion in all but name only? If history is an indicator of the past, they will not be required to receive a COVID-19 vaccination while millions of American citizens are under a mandate to do so (What makes them so special?).

Then these law breakers will be scattered like autumn leaves as surreptitiously as possible throughout the United States.

We will be lied to shamelessly at every convenient opportunity as a token number are sent back to Haiti. We will also hear bold statements of our humanitarian virtue as American citizens in border communities and throughout the nation will be expected to pay the price with our health-care system, schools and tax dollars to support these transnational grifters.

All to what end?

Gregory Bontrager