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Don’t listen to the morons in power
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To the editor:

Once upon a time ... my parents told me, and you parents told you ... “Just because everyone else jumps off the bridge, does not mean you should also!” Yet here we are. Worried about global warming, look outside. The global warming myth started 20+ years ago. I lived in Miami, Fla., where my home was 12 inches above sea level. All the pundits told us Miami and most of south Florida would be under water in 5-10 years. Guess what, they were morons. I did not see a lot of beach front property go on the auction block. They lied.

Now we have another pundit saying oil and gas is bad, cut it off and use “clean electricity.” Today we are having “rolling blackouts” in Texas because of weather and there is not enough electricity to go around. The northeast states heat their homes with fuel oil. If not for it, many would be freezing to death in a calamity that would make COVID-19 look like a picnic. Yet we still listen to the morons in power, wanting to make our lives better by taking away our options.

Look, you cannot get emergency demand power from wind, solar, or other fuzzy alternatives. Want to manufacture a car with high priced electricity, think again.

Did you know that 80% of the electricity generated is lost in the power transmission to your home or business? So filling up that electric car or running a business using electric machinery need a little more energy production than expected. That is what is called “inefficient.” I always wondered how a hand dryer at a restroom was more cost efficient than a paper towel? Did you know that a gasoline engine produces 12 gallons of water for every 1 gallon of gasoline used?

So when the lights go off, and the furnace stops working, food is up 300% because farmers are using electric tractors, and your car needs $10/gallon fuel, it’s too late, your goose is cooked. Game over. Think about it, what is the agenda for the political party that wants to put your head in that noose? I am a conservative for a reason, I think, and I love my neighbor.

John Peters

Great Bend