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Falsely crying ‘racist’ is also a sin
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To the editor:

It is 4 a.m., Sept. 9. I am reading a terrific article by Mike Reagan. I have been trying to think of how to say it without offending the wrong people and Mike said it perfectly. I too have totally shut off all sports because of their victim attitude. They are the most overpaid spoiled brats in the world. They are people abusers, and many are family abusers, too. They think because they have the limited talent to play ball it makes them somehow superior human beings. 

I am also getting very tired of hearing the protesters say that they have a right to go where they want and not wear a mask. They claim their rights while tromping all over everyone else’s rights. People also have a right to be safe from this terrible disease that is killing so many innocent people. A decent person would say that if there was any possibility that it helps they would wear this miserable mask to try and stop this terrible disease. But, there are many self-centered selfish people that only think of their own personal rights and nobody else’s rights count. 

Everyone has basic rights and along with these rights comes a responsibility to respect other people’s rights also. That’s the difference between a decent person and a self-centered idiot.

One last thought, I read a yard sign the other day. It says racism is a sin. That is very true. But, isn’t it also true that falsely claiming it is also a sin.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend