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Find satisfaction in the Savior
Daniel Kiewel - 2020

A devotion I read recently by Nebraska pastor Zeke Pipher led off with the thought, “We often want the good things God gives but not God Himself.”

That short but powerful idea hit me like a heavyweight’s punch between the eyes.

How often, in times of prosperity, do I begin to operate with an air of pride and self-sufficiency, as if it is my own hand that produced the good things I have? How often to I begin patting myself on the back and thumping my own chest when I meet with success, saying “look at me?”

And how often, when the waves roll in and the storm gales blow, instead of finding shelter in the One who holds time in His hand, do I retreat instead to bunkers of sand which turn to mud in the crashing waves? Instead of finding myself on a rock, then, I find myself deeper in the mire from whence I sought escape? How often do I act as if I can, then, pull myself out of the mess I made?

It calls to mind the words of the Lord to Job, who beset by troubles, began despairing of life, surrounded by friends who were certain they had all the right answers.

“Tell me, if you have understanding. Who determined its measurements – surely you know! Or who stretched the line upon it?” (Job 38:4-5, ESV)

So often, we in those times, we turn for comfort or solace to our possessions, our hobbies, or our relationships to give us hope or renew our strength. And while in most cases, none of these things is inherently bad, often in doing so, we neglect the One who made all we have, whose hand fashioned the bodies and minds with which we perform our hobbies, and provided the connections for the relationships we hold so dearly.

It calls to mind a marathon runner seeking to refresh during the race on ice cream, cola and cheese puffs. While those things might have a positive taste in the moment, they’re certainly not going to give the racer strength or stamina even a half-mile down the road. In fact, the effect on the athlete is likely to be just the opposite.

Take the Israelites in Exodus 32. Dissatisfied with the Lord, and with Moses, His appointed leader, during their time in the desert, they took the possessions the Lord had given them and fashioned themselves a golden idol from it. They chose to worship the creation, instead of the Creator, with disastrous results.

Contrast that, however, with Peter, who, when Jesus asked if the disciples would leave him, too, replied, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” (John 6:68, ESV)

Yes Peter, too, stumbled at times after that. But in his darkest hours, he could always be found returning to his eternal hope in the Savior.

Let us, then, when life leaves us parched and hungry, take a lesson from Peter. Instead of feasting on cola and cheese puffs, let us return to the Living Well and Bread of Life to satisfy our hearts and quench our thirsty souls.

Find your satisfaction today in the Savior.

Daniel Kiewel is a reporter for the Great Bend (Kan.) Tribune. He can be reached by email at