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First responders deserve our best
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To the editor:

I read an excellent article by Marge Bieberle (“Choose quality over quantity for city projects,” Great Bend Tribune public forum, June 27). It was right on. Our first responders are the backbone of our community. They are the only thing that stands between the citizens and the criminal element that is trying to destroy our way of life. They step up when no one else will.

The question is, do they need a new office building or do they need better pay and better benefits? Why don’t we ask them? I think that in many cases what administrators want takes priority, rather than the actual needs.

Our first responders are underpaid and in many cases overworked. Great Bend is a great town with a lot of great people. They deserve better. Actually they deserve the best. Our police officers, as a rule, are the best. Let them know it. Pay them what they deserve instead of buying turf for the sports complex, which we don’t need, And plush office buildings, which are questionable. 

Marge suggests that we call our council members. That is an excellent suggestion. The next thing to do is to vote. And when you pass a police officer on the street, smile, wave and say thank you for your service to our community.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend