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Fix pothole before carpeting ball fields
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To the editor:

I have approached the city council and the city administrator about our street repairs in Great Bend to no avail. Specifically Broadway between K-96 and Patton. This street was repaved 3 or 4 years ago. The street began to crack immediately after the repave and has deteriorated since. If you have driven this street lately you know what a mess it is now.

Go look at Stone between 10th and 12th. Same company. Look at 10th now. Same company. Why is the city not making this company do a better job? We are paying this company ridiculous money for terrible service. Maybe we should take the $1.5 million used for rugs on a ball field (ridiculous waste of money) and hire a company who will do a decent job paving our streets. The city and this company have gotten too comfortable with each other. Maybe it’s time to clean house on both.

Go to a city council meeting or watch it on video. Not much being done. Most meetings last less than an hour. Most of the time is used for discussing how to waste more taxpayers’ money. Like rugs on a ball field.

If the Recreation Commission and the school district have that much money lying around it is time to cut tax money given to them, too. Many households struggle to keep up while tax money is being wasted. Everyone has had to tighten their belts because of limited funds. It is time for the tax collectors to do the same. We could have a new motto for the city. Our streets are crap but we sure do have some pretty ball fields.

Mike Hill

Great Bend