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To the editor,

It’s taken me awhile to write this. As everyone knows there is a lot to do after a storm like we had. I had a big dead tree blow over, two windows broke out and of course the roof is gone. I have a stroke and many other problems so what to do? Well a neighbor left the article in the door. It was Storm Cleanup plans for City of Great Bend. I emailed Christina Hayes and said I was embarrassed to ask for help. I told her I once worked for the Fire Department. Within an hour I got an email from her saying the Fire Chief would contact me. Within a hour he was at my door. The next day they cut up  the tree and moved it. Fire Chief Brent Smith and Firefighter 4 Joe Burrows. All the people I have dealt with including Dave Viner Quality Glass to the Farm Bureau adjuster from California have treated me good. Also the crew from the city who picked up my tree. There are still great people out there. I guess sometimes we get in a hurry and forget about this. It has touched me. Thank you everyone!

Ed Sander

Great Bend