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Get ready for four years of voodoo
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To the editor:

During the Trump years we underwent a barrage of manufactured crisis; scurrilous disinformation was disseminated by the likes of Don Lamon, Chris Cuomo, Joe Scarborough and a hundred other media creeps who slither beneath the rocks of fabrication journalism.

They, along with the Chinese, Mexican cartels, teachers unions, Hollywood liberals and replacement American border crashers find the ethically flexible Joe Biden refreshing.

On the other hand Mexico and Canada, along with the rest of the world, even those who wouldn’t realize it at first, grew quite fond of Trump. In spite of his often obnoxious personality, his coherent policies worked spectacularly.

Now, we must endure four years of voodoo that will be passed off as science. We are required to pretend boys with penises can be girls; the Keystone Pipeline is environmentally harmful and benign children’s classics like Dr. Seuss must be banned!

Who is telling us this malarkey and, more important, why is anyone paying attention to them?

As Biden might have said before the ring was inserted through his nose “COME-ON MAN.”

Gregory Bontrager