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Get these corrupt traitors out of office
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To the editor:

Six biggest scams in modern history include:

1. Bottled water – We continually hear of the horrific damage of global warming. Pundits are constantly warning of the total destruction of the world through global warming, while virtually ignoring the millions of pounds of plastic bottled water containers that are annually dumped in our streams, rivers and oceans thus, doing possibly greater damage to our future eco-system than global warming itself. While bottled water can be an occasional convenience, it is environmentally damaging and should be used sparingly.

2. Covid – Covid is probably real, but the threat to our society reported by our government and major media was greatly overstated causing unneeded fear and panic. We saw the destruction of our economy, the deterioration of our educational system and the erosion of confidence in the Republican party without which the election of a Democratic administration would never have been possible. The stimulus payments were a hastily thought-out knee-jerk reaction that, coupled with a horrible recording and accounting system resulted in billions of dollars of mis-appropriated funds that probably ended up in the pockets of corrupt government officials. 

3. Global Warming/Electrical cars – Global warming is caused by the natural aging process of our planet combined with man-made carbon emissions. Thus, it is impossible to completely stop this process, the best we can do is to slow it down. The carbon emissions from private vehicles in America is a drop in the bucket compared to the total carbon emissions of the world. We need world-wide cooperation to affect any real reduction in man-made emissions and this may be the hardest part of the total equation; at this point probably impossible. Why, then, all the flap from our government to purchase electric vehicles? I would like to see the stock holdings of all government officials in all mining or manufacturing companies associated with the production of electric cars. I sense corruption and insider trading on a large scale.

4. War in Ukraine – I have always wondered about the so-called war in Ukraine. It seems like with Russia’s resources, it could stroll through Ukraine on a Sunday afternoon. Why is it so long and drawn out? Why has the United States sent hundreds of billions of dollars? I believe that either the money is being “washed” and returned to certain members of our government, or used to pay off potential witnesses against Hunter and Joe Biden for their alleged illegal foreign business dealings.

5. Black Lives Matter: Antifa –  think this speaks for itself. So much support, almost adulation from major media and the general public for organizations that proved to be criminal, violent and caused costly damage to many of our cities. Fear supported these groups; the cowardice of people who could have stopped the insanity, but were terrified of being called “racist”.

6. George Floyd– To make Floyd a hero, to build shrines of tribute, to give him a presidential-like funeral, were insane. The man was a life-long criminal and not a role model for our youth. Another example of cowardice, the FEAR of being called racist that, in this case, created downright craziness.

We desperately need sane leadership that will stop the tremendously expensive scams that have been regularly occurring under Democratic leadership. We, the taxpayers, are paying the price directly, our descendants will pay through the never-ending increases in our national debt or our country will go broke. We are being seriously weakened, ever more vulnerable to a Socialistic/Communistic agenda. We must get these corrupt traitors out of office, in prison, or if appropriate, out of our country.

Don McCullough