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Give Christ your gifts this Christmas
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To the editor:

What is Christmas? It’s to celebrate Christ’s birth who was born in a manger in Bethlehem (basically a barn), laid on straw, no lights nor heat. He came that all men would accept Him and lead Godly lives. 

So where in the Bible does it say “to buy a tree, decorate it” and where in the Bible does it say “go buy presents for yourselves and others?”

It’s not about us but about Him. He would like for us to feed the hungry, call the lonely, do jobs for the disabled or elderly without pay, help the homeless, pray for the ill, pray for the world to be cured of COVID-19. Be kind to one another. 

All the money we spend on decorations inside and out and the presents could do a lot to meet the needs mentioned above.

Jesus wants us to meet these needs. We can.

I too once decorated a tree and brought presents for people that had everything (lots returned to the store for cash). 

Nancy Rittenhouse

Great Bend